Outsourcing your hosting infrastructure can be a daunting task. CIFNet's hosting expertise makes it a safe and easy choice of a partner for you. CIFNet has been around since 1996, and you will be backed by experience, expertise, quality service delivery and financial stability of our organization. We have been in the hosting business long enough to anticipate and correct most common and not so common issues before they turn into serious problems. From rack to server assembly, to choosing the right IP providers for our bandwidth mix -- we do everything ourselves and we stand behind our work.

VPS / Cloud technology is simply the next logical step in hosting. By pinpointing and eliminating the most common issues attributed to by the previously inefficient infrastructure, we were able to streamline and optimize our entire hosting operation.

Everyone knows that long response times, jittery videos, slow or simply unavailable web sites lead to lost customers and revenue. Your applications and web sites are too important to be down. Whether you need help configuring or performance tuning your VPS -- you can rely on us, we’ve done it all before. Have questions regarding our VPS / Cloud hosting offerings? We've got answers! Please contact us at your convenience.