CIFNet operates an open peering policy.

Operational Requirements:
  • Peering Candidates should have a fully staffed, 24x7x365, network operations center ("NOC")
  • Peering Candidates should provide 48 hours notice to CIFNet NOC for scheduled maintenance
  • Peering Candidates should provide trouble and abuse reporting and escalation procedures to CIFNet
    -Both parties shall provide an escalation path for resolving network issues in a timely fashion
    -Issues of a non-emergency technical nature should be responded to within 48 hours
  • Peering Candidates should provide a looking glass or similar tools
  • Peering Candidates may not be IP Transit customers of CIFNet.
    Both parties shall announce only their own routes and the routes of their transit customers to the other party. No other routes are permitted, and may be filtered if detected.
  • Neither party shall abuse the peering relationship by engaging in activities such as but not limited to: pointing a default route at the other or otherwise forwarding traffic for destinations not explicitly advertised, resetting next-hop, selling or giving next-hop to others.