• Reliable Technology. VMware hosting solutions are highly reliable, fundamentally simpler, flexible, and more efficient. No longer would you have to wait for the HDD or RAM replacement. If you need to upgrade or downgrade hardware, replace or install new drives, there's absolutely no need to reinstall anything from scratch. Virtualization simplifies all aspects of hosting operation in terms of both hardware and software.
  • Scalable solutions and resources
      1. Scale efficiently up or down as needed based on your business cycle.
      2. Additional resources can be added quickly, for the processor, memory, or storage. Likewise, it can be scaled down to lower the costs. When massive CPU power is required, it can be scaled up on demand. All Virtual Private Servers can be preconfigured for rapid deployment.
      3. Backup storage allows us to freeze your VPS and archive it until you need it again. We create two (2) free backups and store them for one (1) month. We save the two (2) most current backups on the rotational basis, FIFO - first in, first out. If you ever need to roll back or to start your previous version of the box running as another VPS, backup storage is the way to do it.
    • Highly Robust Network. Please follow this link to find out more about our network.
    • Storage Area Network. CIFNet has deployed highly reliable and robust storage solutions for our VPS farm.
    • Ease of application development. VPS are awesome if you need to split your environment into the development, testing, and production. For example, you can try different drivers, try a complicated upgrade or a software patch on the test box before applying the change on the production machine. You, as a customer, now have a choice and control.
    • VPS is about choices. 64 or 32-bit OS ? No problem! We have a library of various ready-to-be-deployed Operating Systems and virtual appliances.
    • Console. Powerful web-based console to fully control your virtual server environment. You may reboot, monitor, and view various resource allocations and the usage of your virtual appliance. Please follow this link to find out more.
    • Green Technology. Please follow this link to find out more.

    CIFNet's VPS Farm

    Our VPS Farm consists of multiple enterprise-class HP servers, powered by IntelĀ® high performance processors. HP machines are the hosts with CPU and Memory. For the storage, each host machine is being attached to a Storage Area Network (SAN). Prior to deployment, each and every server in the farm undergoes rigorous hardware testing.

    While the customers do share resources of our VPS farm, these resources are not overprovisioned. Unlike shared hosting, each VPS receives a guaranteed share of farm's resources. The way it works, if the CPU or memory resources are idling, Virtual Servers in need may receive additional CPU time or/and memory allocation.

    CIFNet VPS Farm - At a Glance:

    • The host systems are provisioned in N+1 configuration -- a hot standby system is always available.
    • Each server is on dual power supply (PSUs) connected to separate A and B power feeds. These feeds are completely separate and redundant.
    • All of our servers in the farm have ECC memory, which stands for the "Error Correction Code." This helps mitigate potential system errors.

    Should one of the host systems begin to fail, HP embedded advanced warning and diagnostics system will generate a warning. VMware system will automaticaly begin the migration of all the Virtual Servers from the failing gear to the standby host servers. Likewise, should one of the servers require maintenance, we will manually trigger migration of the live Virtual Servers onto the standby systems.