Co-Locate your server at 427 LaSalle
Affordable, Fast, and Secure

This service is awesome for 1U servers such as HP, Dell, and SuperMicro. We will bring your server on-line the day we receive it.

Space 1U 1U 1U 1U
Power 0.8amp 0.8amp 0.8amp 0.8amp
Bandwidth 25Mbps 50Mbps 75Mbps 100Mbps
$95 $125 $165 $185
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Perks and Features included with your service:


One 120V AC power outlet.


Delivered over FastEthernet or GigE; redundant hand-off is available

IP for remote management interface.

If your server has DRAC or iLO-like card

World Class Data Center

Located at 427 S LaSalle, Chicago, IL, a premier datacenter facility

You can add the following

In addition to the standard features, the following options can be purchased:

Redundant power, Separate A/B power feed

If you have two (2) PSUs in the server: $10/month for extra PSU

IP Addresses

Dual-stack native IPv4 and IPv6, with IPv6 addresses free of charge upon request.

IDS/IPS for protection

Intrusion detection systems and intrusion prevention systems can be added to identify and mitigate certain security threats to your servers

Domain Registration

We can register and manage domain names for you.

427 LaSalle Data Center specifications:

Additional Services and costs:

Frequently asked questions

Yes, absolutely. We can manage up to X domains / records for you.
We can also provide Secondary DNS and Reverse DNS (rDNS) Services at no cost.

Absolutely! We can set up a private Layer-2 network for secure communications between your servers.

Some of the benefits are:
  • Increased Security. Securely transmit sensitive data across your private VLAN.
  • Reduced Network Transfer Costs. Private Network transfer is Free. This means that communication over a VLAN does not count towards your monthly network transfer quota.

Traffic is being measured at the 95th percentile rule. For example, 10TB of Data Transfer comes out to 30Mbps of sustained bandwidth rate; 20TB of Data Transfer comes out to 60Mbps of sustained bandwidth rate.

Due to the number of complaints associated with email providers, we prohibit customers from sending mass e-mails. If your entire business is based on sending emails, we suggest that you seek to host elsewhere. If you have any questions please reach out BEFORE placing an order for services.