Web Hosting
Reliable and Easy Shared Hosting with cPanel on Linux

Reliable and Easy Shared Hosting with cPanel on Linux

Web Hosting

Reliable and Easy Shared Hosting with cPanel on Linux

Our shared hosting plans are designed to provide you with the best possible performance and reliability. We use enterprise-level equipment, All-Flash (SSD) Array Storage and the latest software to ensure that your website is always available and fast. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try us out with no risk.

Plan A Plan B
Disk Space 1GB 2GB
MySQL Databases 2 20
Transfer 1Tb 2Tb
Number of domains 10 Unlimited
Monthly $10 $15
Order Order

All Plans Include:

cPanel control panel

Daily Backups

Unlimited Subdomains

Unlimited Parked Domains

Domain Redirects

Unlimited Email Accounts

Unlimited Email Autoresponders

Unlimited Mailing Lists



Virus Protection

Spam Protection

SSH Access

Access to Cron Jobs

Custom Error Pages

CGI Support






Access to web logs

Log Analyzers

Free SSL Certificates

Domain names

You say you have a great idea for your own website, but can't start it right away? Then why don't you reserve your own Domain Name with CIFNet. It's easy. Simply contact us and tell us the name you want reserved! For only an $18.00 investment, we can reserve your unique name, right away! And there's no risk to you. This purchase will go towards your future purchase web hosting plan. Don't let others take your Unique Name - Reserve it NOW! to protect it from domain pirates.

Domain names are registered for a period of one year. The cost of registration is $18.00 per year. You can register your domain name for up to 10 years.

Frequently asked questions

Shared Hosting is a low-cost web hosting solution suitable for the vast majority of personal and small business websites. For those customers with high-traffic websites, separate front, back and database servers, Dedicated VM or Cloud hosting solutions are recommended. These plans include significantly more resources in terms of CPU Cores, RAM, Disk Storage, and Bandwidth. We do recommend our Dedicated VM and Cloud hosting solutions for complex e-commerce stores, high-traffic download sites, databases, and all customers who want to leverage our dedicated technologies so that their sites load as fast as possible.

Yes, our hosting comes with the world's top control panel, cPanel.

Yes, shell access, SSH, is available.

No, root access is NOT available on any of our shared hosting plans. If you require root access, we recommend you purchase a Cloud, VPS/VM, or Dedicated Server.

Yes, absolutely. Although you have the ability to modify your DNS records though the control panel, contact us if you need assistance.
We can also provide Secondary DNS and Reverse (rDNS) Services at no cost.

Some hosting companies do offer 'unlimited space'. The reality is that unlimited resources is actually nothing more than marketing. Most likely there will be other restrictions that would prevent you from actually using a very large amount of disk space, CPU or Memory. To avoid misunderstanding, we prefer to be up-front about resource allocations. We invest heavily into our infrastructure, so our focus is on quality. We use fully redundant distributed all-flash (SSD) array storage, ideal for high-IOPS applications. Our storage arrays are much faster than traditional SATA-based storage, faster than standalone SSD drives, or even SSD drives in RAID. Our data shows that most customers with personal and small business websites use less than 1GB of space. Our plans are usually more than adequate for most needs. For existing customers, if you really need more, you can purchase more at a discounted rate.

Yes, absolutely! Please reach out to us in advance so that we can go over the details.

No, mining is prohibited on our Shared Web Hosting platform. You can mine crypto on our product lines with dedicated resources like dedicated servers, or you may ship and co-locate your own equipment with us.

  • Perl 5
  • PHP 7.4 - 8.x
  • MySQL 5.7
  • Python 3.9
If you or your website developers have any specific requirements, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

If you prefer, you can transfer your domain to us. However, it is not required. If you prefer, you can modify and point your domain(s) to our Name Servers (NS) and we will take care of the rest.

Please reach out to us in advance before making any changes, so that we can modify records within our system.

Yes, absolutely. You can point a number of parked or alias domains, according to the selected plan.

Yes, we can register and manage a domain name for you. The cost of registration starts at $18 per year. You can register and pay for your domain name for up to 10 years.

You can host websites for other organizations, configure email accounts, aliases and so on. However, these are your customers, and we will not provide any direct support to them, just like we would not bill (invoice) them.

If you're looking to resell hosting OR provide hosting to others, we recommend a VPS/VM hosting solution with cPanel. These plans are quite affordable, and you will be able to configure and run your hosting operation just the way you want.

If you're a web developer, or you're thinking about how to start your own hosting operation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff.

We offer free SSL certificates for all our shared hosting plans. You can get a free SSL certificate for your domain name(s) by logging into your cPanel account.

Due to the number of complaints associated with email providers, we prohibit customers from sending mass e-mails. If your entire business is based on sending emails, we suggest that you seek hosting elsewhere. If you have any questions please reach out BEFORE placing an order for services.